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 Wana have a match ?)

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=HH= Antti
[ Chimp ]
[ Chimp ]

PostSubject: Re: Wana have a match ?)   30.12.15 17:23

Oh nuts, ive been missing out.

I completely forgot the whole thing, im starting to think i have dementia or something.
Do we have specific chat place other than this site?
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=HH= Antti
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[ Chimp ]

PostSubject: Re: Wana have a match ?)   30.12.15 17:50

If i can, i would suggest Discord

Its like combination of Skype and Teamspeak, and works on Browser aswell.
and you can see what other people are playing. i would change it over skype anytime.
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Revenant -Mar Sara-
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[ Chimp Enforcer ]

PostSubject: Re: Wana have a match ?)   30.12.15 21:12

It's not dementia, more like world having too much selection for people to select thus forgetting this and that near instantly Rolling Eyes
- as there is too much for one to think and look, movies example: you watch movie but forget it almost instantly as another just as great movie is starting.

Anyway I play one match with Mojoman that last few hours and was more like warm-up at least for me as I could not even play like normally, what I feel, it was only match that was played here.
Maybe we can round another match with you joining Razz

- At the moment I use only this site to communicate, don't know, maybe I'm too old at least today and tomorrow to puzzle-out new chat soft, or to install Steam as I too have too much selection at Christmas to select (I actually played Zeliard and Darklands Laughing , over 20-25 years old games from my childhood but for years I wanted to start them again Cool )
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PostSubject: Re: Wana have a match ?)   

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Wana have a match ?)
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