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 Does anyone have the VIP mod?

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[ Wannabe Chimp ]
[ Wannabe Chimp ]

PostSubject: Does anyone have the VIP mod?   06.03.16 16:58

For some reason, I cannot find the VIP mod ANYWHERE on the internet. I know, people say it's outdated and stuff, but it's one of the few-- if not the only mod based on AJL that has a version that plays in singleplayer. If anyone has it, please, PLEASE upload it somewhere (like mediafire, mega or ModDB) so that everyone can get it, including me. I REALLY want to use the mod for a personal project I'm doing for AVP2, and the mod has stuff that no other has. Please, if any of you are watching this topic and accidentally happens to still have the VIP.rez file, DO NOT DELETE IT! Upload it and link it in this forum topic, PLEASE!

Thank you for your cooperation.
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[ Chimp Enforcer ]

PostSubject: Re: Does anyone have the VIP mod?   12.03.16 18:49

I check my drives and realize...have deleted it ages ago.

Member jegu is key person as it's basically his mod, AJL code it but does he have code can't say, I was tester who get frustrated of models with no skin and other overly unfinished things Laughing .
If you manage contact jegu here on site I'm sure he give it to you, but he have to check here to notice messages...

Anyway it does have some real high things in it, too bad it never get finished Neutral .
Skins of alien models are out of this world (means great, on many level), its woodland maps which jegu most likely vision right at his backyard while releasing pressure from his kidneys are actually very impressive now later recalled, basic human (marine) weapons got just the right idea cause I insist it.
Rest of the human weapons are too great, on theory level right now as they are unfinished, mostly I recall the system where bullets fly everywhere else but not the center Laughing (we once test this, minigun empty its rounds and target in middle, didn't take hits, as the distance was far enough).
Was it corrected can't remember...

Still...it has potential.

Hey! jegu, asshole, where the hell are you?!
Come here people want your mod and I want play Razz Cool Rolling Eyes
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Does anyone have the VIP mod?
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