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 Acitivity on AJLmod

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Revenant -Mar Sara-
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[ Chimp Enforcer ]

PostSubject: Acitivity on AJLmod   13.12.16 21:49

I'm active, using AVP2 Canon Launcher to join/check RB servers. There is 1 active R2 server + own servs for other mods.

I play basically R2, perhaps install someday Payback + L.A.B mods and BETA, but now it's R2.

I can run my serv and inform here like before just ask.

- Russian players and fellas Rolling Eyes . I can't understand russian language and translating your site is quite messy, how about you pay a visit here and inform some cute info about how much you have active players and what mods you play (some medium % count of all).

If it requires help for me to make my serv visible on your Canon system let me know how we add 1 server more as I don't have a clue of that whatsoever Surprised

And, how about some activity here, players/coders/moderators setting nice campfire and sitting along singing songs.
...Le Celticant and Lady Demise...what a hell you keep doing as I have seen you log in last few years almost every week but never see both of you playing nor sending any messages except Le Celticant posting few vids and pictures.
Do you have private duels for years on LAN serv or are you 2 just lovers??? Laughing

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[ Chimp ]
[ Chimp ]

PostSubject: Re: Acitivity on AJLmod   28.01.17 0:52

They are just lovers. Definitely.

PS. Damn I miss the good old days, playing R2 and stuff. Maybe one day...
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Revenant -Mar Sara-
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[ Chimp Enforcer ]

PostSubject: Re: Acitivity on AJLmod   30.01.17 1:08

Me too. I try be active here by checking servs at least few times a week, all I see is few players once or twice a month and mostly they play BETA.

As I wait 5-20 mins and refresh serv list, I see them drop and join again and all my expects hit right, BETA still crash all the time so my interest even install it again...one damn low one Cool

About rest of mods, well, never really check them so I don't even have basic idea or 'feel' are they my kind mods, that would help a lot some real serious R2 match for a serious time period...let's say at least 3 months straight R2 server on action.
On that, we assholes could chat about everything and check those mods...
But if I already know I have to sit there alone wondering how many assholes are there, not a my kind asshole-night-fever Laughing

Anyway I remember our last match, how long was it, 8-10 hours straight to point where at least I start feel my age as it took some serious drag to my concentration levels Cool .
Far are days when we play 2-3 days straight Wink

Still we could run some match, 2-3 hours if feel like. I still have game fully operational up and running on 30 second if needed Razz
Even the bastard AJL check sites so why not, what's the Crying Game and All is Lost atmosphere, why you assholes can't play Laughing

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Le Celticant
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[ Chimp Enforcer ]

PostSubject: Re: Acitivity on AJLmod   30.04.17 21:20


Feels like ages I haven't been there.
I'm developing one last piece of a map (single player) before I retired from AVP2.
It's the map I've prepared assets for years but was never able to complete.

I've also moved on other games, single player mostly (KOTOR & Mass Effects).
But to be honest, I'm not the gamer I used to be.

I grew up, got work and know I have different hobbies (I'm a professional Colorist/Editor and in my spare time I'm a DoP and Director).
Time passes, AJL Mods were good memories but I don't think I want to go back to it.
The game has aged, all the new game sucked and the only one that was quite good happened to be single player.

I think the biggest disappointment comes from A:CM.
It was done on UE3 but there's hasn't been source code release and this game could have definitely benefited from it.
So modders could at list do something of the MP crap this game was and had access at the time to modern engine with Alien & USCM.
Even if it was just mapping, I forgot completely how awful this game was.

Maybe we'll see something in the future but I'm not very enclined to go back to AJL.
I was used to be honest to 5-8 people games, where you could easily find people during the "golden era".

But yeah, I still lurke around this forum to spy on you all Twisted Evil

PS: Hey Lady Demise if you still look there from time to time too. Those times were good memories.
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Lady Demise
[ New Chimp ]
[ New Chimp ]

PostSubject: Re: Acitivity on AJLmod   24.05.17 0:17


Indeed those were good times.
I also spy on these forums from time to time in hopes something unexpected happens Razz
Some kind of miracle ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Acitivity on AJLmod   

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Acitivity on AJLmod
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