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 Guess who might be back!!

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Le Celticant
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PostSubject: Re: Guess who might be back!!   13.10.17 18:45

Some activity down here, amazing :D

Feddjoe wrote:
Hey guys, long time no see!
I still have ajl and vip mod, but avp2 won't work for me. Any ideas on how to fix the "litech.exe has stopped working" issue?

x-M-x might now, several people had this issue with AVP2, I think they found a way.
Might be a good idea to check him on avp galaxy or avpunknown.
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Scarface - DarkBladeClan
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PostSubject: I'm back    22.10.17 1:56

Hey Guys Im' Back, I just had Windows 10 with avp2 working, and i lost my previous Gmail Account so i had to make a new one..

You'll still know me by the name of it.. I'm Spideymus Prime [Revived], While my previous account "Spideymus Prime" is gone and i cant get access to it..so can you change it's name to something else so i can change my name on this new account back to Spideymus Prime? Thanks!
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Revenant -Mar Sara-
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PostSubject: Re: Guess who might be back!!   16.11.17 22:26

Baaack again! cheers Now I have finally The Infernal machine up and running, can play some video games! RRAAAAAHHH Twisted Evil

(Well I did have it some time ago but wanted to stay hiding, Brutal Dooming the Brutal Doom mod through - The blood, the amount of blood and guts and biological mess that leaves after real firefight. The Blood. Wish R2 would be equally messy when marines lose heads Rolling Eyes )

Hmm...getting back is getting, really back-sided business now a days scratch , we all constantly get back Laughing . Back from where scratch .
Anyway Rolling Eyes I'm back.


Hei jegulainen millo tykitetää. Loppuu se jäätelön syönti nyt eikä saa ennenku on ansaittu se kovalla työllä! Razz
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Scarface - DarkBladeClan
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PostSubject: Re: Guess who might be back!!   26.11.17 3:48

Has anyone tried Tunngle for AVP AJL Play like me?
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Revenant -Mar Sara-
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PostSubject: Re: Guess who might be back!!   14.12.17 13:44

Nope. Never. Once I tried some Hamachi and BattleLan, somewhere, have no idea, 10-12 years ago?

Reason; why anyone have to as joining directly to hosted server by IP is most simple and 100% working so long as its done right.
Also active players doing actively things on the first and official AJL site (this site) is most sound way to play this game (on my humble opinion).

What it requires

- First; get your fist out of your ass and stop fucking yourselves Laughing
- Secondly, get active. No matter what you may feel or what other world seems to offer, all you need is disciple of steel and that means simply either running server or visiting server.
Not any fancy 30 second 'ow no one here I too leave' nor pathetic 'no one joined shit this fuck running server I'm out!'

Thing is, was before and still is and always will be, AJL is rare and extreme game so no one in this fucking world knows about this game.
Reason for this are many and I merely throw few for my amusement
- AJL was braindead on the moment he compiled AJL code. He could not see nor vision the future that he is making nearly perfect diamond, he most likely never ever in his dreams thought THIS mod, this god damn game would be the most ultimate Alien/Predator/human survivor game ever created in the existence of Universe.
Never again anyone will do the same and few of us who got the change of a lifetime play this from its birth to its golden age and to bitter death scene would be blessed, blessed like a children of God to have a such change.
To be exactly right time exactly right place to hear and know, mod called AJLmod.
And of course show just enough attitude and interest to go and test it.
...Rest is legend and history.

Anyway AJL himself didn't realize that I believe, for him it was merely fun 'test' what he can do if he just mess some code of AvP2.
Back in 2001-2004 I guess...
(It takes few years for everyone to let idea grow until any real code is coded so AJL played first AvP like I and others too and idea was growing...) Then AvP2 come and it allow some modding, source code was free too for a while I hear.
Most likely AJL played vanilla (normal AvP2 is called that) and get massively pissed how stupid multi-playing it was.
Aliens keep noise all the time (that's what he told me Razz ), predators' melee was shit as it was luck which win xeno or pred (whoever get lucky and strike more damage causing strike) + hundred other thing which pissed many people.

I recall how much I curse fuck and shit and fuck about how fucking idiot the shotgun was; in single play shotgun with shells/bucks (the scattering pellets) fire where you aim, in multiplay...it fire almost out of screen (you aim barn and weapon fire sky, like).
It was simple most feeling thing on me on single play to fire aliens with shotgun, the sound and weapon model and acid splatting effect, all that, make you smile, on multiplay, shotgun with 'shotty' were completely useless (I never liked slugs).
Second was, well, someone can guess Cool , cheating cheers .
Everyone of these gutless asshole child-whores there cheated, not as day nor match that some loser cheated and when one loser cheated the rest of whores followed.

But hell in AJLmod I could run my own server and kick all those assholes out of the existence! It was like Jesus landed on my apartment with his Enterprise-Ship and giving me Space Quest IV+ which was better than Space Quest I, II, III and IV together!
And what? Game was about Aliens which are to me like Holy Bible + Predators which are to me like candy and I could play poor human who can try the harder part of the existence!
That's right I did it on that turn - first marines then xenos and lastly preds. I recall it took at least year or more until I go to aliens. Preds come somewhere 2-3 years Rolling Eyes . Games played every fucking day. EVERY FUCKING DAY! At least 7-8 hours straight sometimes 2 days and some rare occasions 3 days.
The mad fella named Soulripper plays 3 days straight no sleep nothing just fragging (my high score on that was nearly 2 days after I did see aliens crawling all around so I got to stop and take sleep.)
So Soulripper still holds record who have played most on one straight Twisted Evil
And jegu holds record who have fragged most on single round versus 7, was it 700 or nearly 1000 frags, his own deaths few hundred or less I recall (he can state that precisely I can't remember).

Back to Jesus and his landings Laughing

So I could use nearly decade on this game Rolling Eyes . Seems like eternity ago but still just like last night, if I start recalling I can pick names and fights and things done almost from begin, Zeratul example is father of move where predator leap toward and strike alt-strike and make the kill.
Of course this sounds now little and meaningless as we all do it but back then there was time when players here didn't realize how effective and 'natural' way to attack this is for predators, so he start doing it and world follows.
Then I recall my first alt-strike blade kill: marine on Verloc level covering in dropship + firing all he can with ATMG (automatically tracking machine-gun, the smartgun for you),
I didn't believe in myself to kill him but anyway I tried and to my amazement I actually kill him! Ow shit I didn't miss and killed him! Can't remember who he was or anything else but crystal clearly I remember how it goes and how it feels.
Another memory is on Verloc too, its upper decks, the over-crossing bridge, 2 xenos 1 pred and me middle, somehow I was lucky and stay alive when all these are melee-strike range of me trying kill me, acid spills all over and I have no idea what a hell is happening but lastly I realize the last alive alien is on roof just under my aim.
Then I stand silently and look around how there is 2 hissing alien corpse, their bloods + pred blood on walls and floors and I cannot understand...how I'm alive Wink

All these, disappear in time just like BladeRunners' Roy says so...


Another crazy but logical theory about this game in my mind was and still is, AJL didn't do this mod fully alone.
So much same and similar are found on old 'Cancer Black' mod to first AvP, so different was Beta compared to R2 that one and same person cannot differ that much, even that AJL didn't like how R2 was (on his words). Nevertheless, doing R2 which is like Cancer Blacks' next version and Beta which seems to have nothing of previous versions, its not possible (in theory is possible, on practice is not).
Also there was handful of players who know so much about this mod back then on its golden era that simple fella just playing the game could not know them, so, they were, makers of this mod, on my crazy theory of 'Origins of AJLmod'.

Example me; I have merely played this game, never coded nothing nor know the secrets of code in this, some beta testing I did on VIP mod and Beta, lots of ideas and theory we discuss with AJL+jegu, some ideas could be called mine here an so on but basically, I merely played and my knowings stay pretty much in the zone of 'I know only what I seen while playing'.
What I seen and heard little by little by the years, the knowledge of them could only be achieved by knowing the code in game so I say, they were part of making this mod more or less.
This again tells us reasons why it took so long for AJL to make Beta and why it almost ended before never accomplished: he have to do Beta alone.
AJL have to learn things which some other did before and do it all alone.
Example one fella can do models, one do sounds, one do graphical menu screens and one do statistics behind game; how bullets scatter how much and how much damage they deal example.
If someone knows just the right balance on statistics example, what is just right and correct for hitpoints, damage factors and attack ranges, without any need of 'testing' them to found out which is right, then no one cannot replace him and create the just perfect balance of things what makes game perfect on its own place.

And on my opinion, it was like that when R2 were created, handful of fellas were in perfect place and time and they have same vision thus R2 were created.
After that happens natural - they grow old and sacred alliance is lost.
Some give birth to screaming abomination called child and live for wife, some go seek his fortune on the world and kill himself on the first sky-diving extreme experience and some just waste himself as he enjoy just too much of drugs.
And of course lets not forget the power of envy example Razz . So many have died and so many things have been corrupted just because someone wanted something he/she were not placed to.
World is full of dangers and every Empire just waits for the day when it falls Cool


...Alright what can you do, ages of golden era are lost, world is braindead with its braindead new games, with its braindead players playing braindead games...
All is shit and gray and joyless and dead...
What can you do?
You can!
Listen to me you pathetic crying feeble minded gutless whore-fuck!
You can, listen to me Wink

- First you have to burn in you the everlasting truth about disciple of steel. Simple as it goes: disciple of steel. No more no less. Do not lose heart nor spirit, do not die.

- Secondly, lose the ego.
This world and people in it build and grows the ego of loser to you, everyone of you, ego of loser ego of asshole, that it tries to imprint in you.
Ego of loser is the one who comes play, join serv and expects to frag others, the too big and huge is the balls+dick between skinny legs, like a man or better, like a God of War he/she keeps himself.
But as he/she ain't not, he/she is nothing but a shit-head child who never done nothing never suffer nothing never taking hard part and survived, so he/she never frag nothing...
Then he/she leaves, cursing and grudging, swearing the return and manifesting his/her wrath in the form of cheating. "If I can't win right then by the lords of success I win by aimbot!" cheers
World is just about full all of these losers. Every place every corner everywhere, losers.
These are to ego loser people.

Then is the ego asshole. These assholes are those who laugh others who lose to them. Perfect example is veteran video-game player who have played one and single same game last years and then some fresh new player comes to check what kind game this is, his/her first time ever and this asshole egomaniac instantly sniffs the change of total rape-abuse-ownage powning, "STRAIGHT TO THE ASS I FUCK YOU!"
Firstly these fellas destroy game, every game, no one wants play cause assholes like these destroy games.
Secondly they are too ego losers, they cheat so they can maintain rape-streak and once they lose in the end, they stop playing.

Hundreds of times, thousands of times, I have seen this pattern. In everywhere.

One reason why AJLmod died in a way was this, these ego-fucks destroy it. AJL didn't care enough, could not vision far enough to preserve open not-compiled R2 code and veteran players here grow too much of assholes to not allow new players success enough that they would get good enough to play with old players and feel like being equal.
In a way Russian Bears servers were real gift. Only if there would sit and maintain active host with disciple of steel and totally tyrannical iron grip keeping it real + planning new game modes + switching maps, keeping it alive and interesting, RB servers could be almost good as my server  Cool
If 97 points out of 100 perfect points were my server, RB were and still is 79.
Nevertheless on RB servers the playing was and is real, you can play how you like and no need to bow whims of losers like "ok I don't use seeker"

Anyway true fighter and survivor and human do not do nor need these, these ego-problems and that's why God is on his/her side. Doesn't matter what God but God he worships, stays on his/her side.

- Third thing you have to do is just what I did; train yourself.
Not a wussy 'I train with others on real game' but a rock hard 'I train alone in my imagination!' So no one join? What a fuck better that they stay out not messing my moods, I can play alone and train myself. Only imagination is limit.
And once you have run server long enough, sit on server long enough, shadow-fighting alone long enough, someone comes, someone sniffs your blood Twisted Evil .
And if you have strength to do that, keep the disciple of steel, you get hole new emotional state and start feel things, you can understand how it feels, to wait for eternity.
How long you think those alien-eggs lie there, until Kane descend chamber that were sleeping over the Millenniums, an eternity.
That is the third requirement here, in this game.
Willpower, physical strength and mental state which survives and can live through time, where lesser creations of Cosmos lose their minds and lives, here only strongest survive.
If it requires you to wait days weeks months and even years to have a game, then it is that you have to do, to have a game.
Use that time to prepare, to train and become ready for the confrontation ahead, I did.
I train myself on a shadow-combat so long so far, hours and days, keep server up, waiting, alone on my server looking the secrets of existence, waiting, preparing, that when the combat finally come, I was already winner.

It feel like alien waiting, hibernating, dreaming of killing and when the prey finally come, the alien could not restrain the excess of emotions when it finally have change to kill Twisted Evil  Rolling Eyes  Cool


Read this insane act of writing as you like, next years, if you like Laughing
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Scarface - DarkBladeClan
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PostSubject: Re: Guess who might be back!!   15.12.17 7:58

That's just cruel...
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Revenant -Mar Sara-
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PostSubject: Re: Guess who might be back!!   19.12.17 10:30

Take it partly with humor,  Wink  partly seriously 'hey what a fuck is there logic and wisdom behind all that...insanity" and partly, what ever you wish Laughing

Truth about today's world and last day before it and next future day ahead of us, is, you people, are less worth than dogshit.
Means that you losers either cry and not play The Most Attitude game ever, shit how much you do everything else here on official AJLmod site except not doing the THE MOST important and meaningful business which is '!SURPRISE!' playing the game.

If you would do that The Most meaningful business ever, every question and problem you may have would unpuzzle itself in time.
No matter if it means sitting alone on empty server shadow fighting alone versus me and myself, it would not be fail, it would be the most important thing in your life for the future to come Rolling Eyes
I did it, still do it and will do it and it was one of the most important thing in my life.

But I know why you peeps are what you are.
You live in a world build for losers, world which breeds losers, world which lulls losers. As the only thing you ever have heard seen and do, is this pathetic half-dead-life shit, no wonder you know nothing else.
And if knows no other how the hell you ever can be other... scratch  (that's a paradox to let you know Cool )

Anyway I am your best friend and most friendly person you have ever confronted, never again in this world you will confront anyone like me.
And why? Shocked
Simple; I give you other to choose Rolling Eyes

Only question is, do you remain half-dead in your braindead grave or do you raise, raise like a thunder of Gods' champion which grows ever louder until the weaklings cannot stand anymore the divine sound of your greatness which you manifest in this world, The Lightbringer.
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PostSubject: Re: Guess who might be back!!   

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Guess who might be back!!
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