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 Guess who might be back!!

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Le Celticant
[ Chimp Enforcer ]
[ Chimp Enforcer ]

PostSubject: Re: Guess who might be back!!   13.10.17 18:45

Some activity down here, amazing :D

Feddjoe wrote:
Hey guys, long time no see!
I still have ajl and vip mod, but avp2 won't work for me. Any ideas on how to fix the "litech.exe has stopped working" issue?

x-M-x might now, several people had this issue with AVP2, I think they found a way.
Might be a good idea to check him on avp galaxy or avpunknown.
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Spideymus Prime [Revived]
[ Wannabe Chimp ]
[ Wannabe Chimp ]

PostSubject: I'm back    22.10.17 1:56

Hey Guys Im' Back, I just had Windows 10 with avp2 working, and i lost my previous Gmail Account so i had to make a new one..

You'll still know me by the name of it.. I'm Spideymus Prime [Revived], While my previous account "Spideymus Prime" is gone and i cant get access to it..so can you change it's name to something else so i can change my name on this new account back to Spideymus Prime? Thanks!
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Revenant -Mar Sara-
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[ Chimp Enforcer ]

PostSubject: Re: Guess who might be back!!   16.11.17 22:26

Baaack again! cheers Now I have finally The Infernal machine up and running, can play some video games! RRAAAAAHHH Twisted Evil

(Well I did have it some time ago but wanted to stay hiding, Brutal Dooming the Brutal Doom mod through - The blood, the amount of blood and guts and biological mess that leaves after real firefight. The Blood. Wish R2 would be equally messy when marines lose heads Rolling Eyes )

Hmm...getting back is getting, really back-sided business now a days scratch , we all constantly get back Laughing . Back from where scratch .
Anyway Rolling Eyes I'm back.


Hei jegulainen millo tykitetää. Loppuu se jäätelön syönti nyt eikä saa ennenku on ansaittu se kovalla työllä! Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Guess who might be back!!   

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Guess who might be back!!
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