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 Hosting an AJL Server

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Scarface - DarkBladeClan
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PostSubject: Hosting an AJL Server   27.01.18 3:01

Hey Guys...I want to Host my Own AJL R2 or R3 Server..But i has to be Non Dedicated because i might get the Rapid Timer...
So What do i need? I got Tunngle installed...but what else do i need?
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Revenant -Mar Sara-
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PostSubject: Re: Hosting an AJL Server   28.01.18 14:15

Best words coming out of anyone's mouth in this site last 5 years 'I want start run AJL R2 server'. For that alone, you gain my respect Wink

If you manage it, run it, keep it running, be active, at least once a week or hell, even a once a month for a day or two, you actually affect the course human race and do things that alters future. You matter. For that, I might even bow before you. Razz

And of course, I finally may have change to join on server to have some R2 match.
Can't say do you know or realize but it can be really shitty business keep server up few days and not a single fucking joiner or if someone joins, he/she merely leaves before tenth frag is made.
...And you get used to Khorne level massacre+blood flow in your youth.
Things here really are dead.
But if you give us that change, Christ, everyone here on this site will and should show most utter respect and if he/she do not out of his/her impotence, shithead or ignorance, may the Lord disintegrate him/her out of this existence.


Okay to the business Arrow  Cool

First of all you have to understand that non-dedicated is the only right way.
Dickheads say opposite like "dedicated allows server running 24/7" and here lies 2 death pits for it which they either don't realize or have spine enough to stay real.

- 1. Dedicated have unnatural time scale when you run it with computer that is faster than Pentium 3 or 4. This means time goes way too fast and therefore all projectiles which have flight path/ballistic flight trajectory, are hyper-accelerated.
Example if you fire seeker bolt, there is no any 'flight' with it, it simply fly and hit nearly instantly depending how much fucked-up the time scale is.
Everything else too that takes time in game is accelerated like getting back up from fall.
In short, game gets fucked-up.

- 2. When you actually have to sit in server to run it, you naturally become host/admin which is at least someway overseeing what a hell is going.
And believe me, world is filled with cocksuckers who do not deserve to live.
So prepare for serious iron-gauntlet based tyranny in your server to keep it clear, clean of losers called cheaters.
Always remember this admin command which can be typed from console 'kick #' where # is number of player on list.
Example, 3 players in server where you are number 1 as you start the server and were first in serv, others are 2 and 3.
Number 3 gets his ass burned cause he/she shit on his/her pants some corrosive poo...so he/she goes cheating.
Type this kick 3 and that fucker leaves the server Twisted Evil

Rest of commands are found either on installed AJLmod folder on some .txt file which I can't remember anymore or here http://ajlforums.forumotion.com/AJL-Mod-R1-h2.htm

Russian have their own interesting and GREAT homemade software which one of them coded ages ago which allow dedicated servers to be run NEARLY normal time scale on new era computers but, how it works who the fuck coded it and where the fuck it can be downloaded or do they give it forward, can't really say nothing of it.

Still, with that software, there is occasionally some minor acceleration on their servers so even that wont allow equal 100% right time.
Anyway it works really impressively compared what kind hyper-crazy-torture it was before it Cool

And third thing about time scale, thing which is gone and cannot ever again achieved in this Universe or with us.
Even the Pentium 3-4 is too fast for 1 thing, for the disk. Even AJL himself wonder that when my server was main place of Khorne's wrath, how the disk was so fucking cool and great on my server as it flies at least twice the distance what even AJL himself was used to (maybe even more  scratch  let's say 120-130% more).
It wasn't bugged anyway, not warped anyway, not lagged anyway, it just flies smoothly damn far and everyone in this world loves it.
Reason for that was my computer which was out of accepted compared to any other aspect (too low-tech) but it somehow allow the disk to fly further until code tells to it return.
If we ever want same happen again, someone have to either start running servers with Celeron 400MHz or slow CPU enough to reach that state.
I might try that for interest one day, run my served with slowed CPU...


Ok now you got served running, what now scratch .
First all need same 'version', installed AvP2+official patch multiplay mappack+official singleplay mappack+R1+R2. .
It may be that mappacks are not needed can't remember now.
This can be puzzled out once you have that server running.

If you use custom maps like UMP mappacks then joiners must have that map you are actively running (the level which is running on server).

This mapshit can be easily solved here when needed so don't waste now time thinking this...

Next these assholes here and out of world have to join your server, so you have to allow them somehow know you got server running.
I myself like keep things simple so I use my server section LV-426 or this site to inform I got match running, of course asshole have to come check it out but hey, I can't do all myself and if they can't even check out official AJLmod site then fuck them.
I use the IP system, found it most simple and old way, add the line which is instructed on my server section and launch the game.
It join the server so long as server is running and all elements needed to join are right (like map and version).
Of course there is other systems like client software showing server and allow join by it but...I really have no fucking clue how they work and how I get my server seen there.
If anyone wanted example my server seen on CanonLauncher then why the fuck that fella ain't coming here talk with me how we add one more server on lists...
...What a fucking my work is to do that too Evil or Very Mad

I might some day make a new instruction for that system I use, record it on video how its done hardwired. Give me some time to do it so on...


If you use other systems like simulated LAN then I guess both you and joiner must use same software so on...

This might be bit long but hey, don't read all on one time. You have end of the times to sit here and play this as I will not 'die' here like rest of those on members list Wink  (I might be away even a year if nothing happens, still never will I grow too old or have enough for this is, only real AvP game ever created, for multiplay, R2)


Then some happy news and things, which we Alien fans love Rolling Eyes . C-64 Commodore ain't dead.
You know what that means?
It means, there is (this is insane, truly, crazy, impossible, cannot be but still is, insane) game about 'Alien' which is just about to be ready to play and which is real game and played by...WHAT A FUCK! ON A REAL COMMODORE C-64 or emulated by C-64 emulator.
They have even made real box-set with real Commodore cassettes or disks, just like real Commodore game sold on stores back in 84 or 87.
So, if you have genuine C-64 example, you can today buy a real game which you can load using genuine load commands (do you remember LOAD 8,1...so on...), sit back and wait real Commodore load times with bizarre load screen flashing rainbow colors as it loads, all done on 2017-2018.
So,...C-64 ain't dead Rolling Eyes
I myself have played last few days game called 'Hessian' on a emulated C-64 which is real game made recently and I must say, not a years I have felt the same insatiable urge to play a game than when I found these new era Commodore games cheers

But, this is not all, the real prize, waits ahead.

Its not ready yet, 99,9% or 95% they said, ready. Very soon, the dread comes real and something is born, the Organism is born.

Game called 'Organism' is all that from the first trailers I seen, the music, the graphic, how its drawn and how it looks/feels, its the real game, real Alien game.
You can feel the terror even by looking the trailer.
If I wait something now its this, how and when I can play this game, the real old times C-64 game.
Everything else, secondary.
- Check this cool site for it and other new era C-64 games. Hessian game is free to download - http://www.indieretronews.com/2017/12/organism-isometric-aliens-c64-game-gets.html

- Hessian here https://psytronik.itch.io/hessian
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Hosting an AJL Server
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