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 HOW TO INSTALL AJLMod, LAB, Connector e.t.c.

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PostSubject: HOW TO INSTALL AJLMod, LAB, Connector e.t.c.   31.07.11 18:29

on how to install AJL and else

When i was reinstalling AJL, avp2 and such i faced lack of any tutorials.
I found an answer, so here is it so you dont have to:

1) Install AvP2

2) Patch it Patch can be found Here
And Multi Map Patch is Here

3a) Download AJLMod R1 from Here
3b) Download AJLMod R2 from Here

4a) Download LAB. Detailed instructions can be found here: LAB Topic

4b) LAB v.1.02 Here
4c) LAB update 1.02->1.03 - Here
4d)1.03->1.05 update - Here

5) Readme for LAB,HowTo, Server Connection utility (connector) you can get here

Step 6, Optional) I have edited the servers file to reflecct more than just Russian Bears server,
also to show revenant's server.
Here are lines you are supposed to add:

Be sure to add them at the end with NO linebreakers and/or spaces after last port number!

STEP 7, optional) To play on some russian Bears servers, you might need a update avaiable here: LINK

Step 8, Possible) If game ever prompts you for CDKey without you having one, use this one


I know i didnt cover everything, mention what i did not cover and i will cover it.
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HOW TO INSTALL AJLMod, LAB, Connector e.t.c.
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